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That’s My Ticket MLB Baseball Mini-Mega Ticket Stubs

That's My Ticket MLB Baseball Mini-Mega Collectible Ticket Stubs

That’s My Ticket MLB Baseball Mini-Mega Collectible Ticket Stubs

That’s My Ticket company has come out with something outstanding for baseball fans everywhere, you can now own  a great replica of the actual ticket stubs for some of the most historical professional baseball events and games. Each MLB Mini-Mega ticket with frame is 14 inches tall by 4 7/8 inches wide and 1/4 inch deep for an actual ticket of the game, increased by 200% for view ability and collectible. Each Ticket makes great wall art and home decor and the back of the ticket also has a wall hangar on the back for easy mounting.

You can now collect the MLB Baseball tickets of actual World Series events, David Cones’ Perfect game, Alex Rodriguez A-Rod 600th home-run game, and Derek Jeter Hit Record Mini-Mega Tickets.

You can decorate your home or game room or office in baseball style, collect each ticket to show off to your friends how much of a professional baseball fan you really are, fill a whole wall space with your favorite baseball events in history.

That’s My Ticket MLB Baseball Mini-Mega tickets are a very sought out item and will be a collectors item for years to come. You can get your My Ticket MLB Baseball Mini-Mega ticket online or by clicking on the links.

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