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Matt Kemp of the LA Dodgers is all Class Gives Gear to Boy Battling Cancer

MAtt Kemp

MAtt Kemp

In baseball it is easy to say that professional baseball players are nothing but big cry babies, all they care about is them selves and money, or the amount we spend on a Professional Baseball game ticket is outrageous. But then there are a few baseball players in the world that make the game more than just a game or a past time filled with greed and contract signings and one of these people is Matt Kemp.

During a game in San Francisco where they lost one of Matt Kemp’s team mates let him know there was a huge fan in in the sideline seats and Matt responded by going up to that fan and gave him his batting gloves, jersey, and cleats. What he did not realize was that the boy he gave his items to was not only a huge fan but also battling cancer.

Here are the videos of the boy getting stuff from Matt Kemp, and the post game interview where Matt did not realize the boy had cancer and said he had felt it was something he just needed to do. After the short interview about Matt and the Boy Matt goes on to talk about his team and the series but you can feel that Matt Kemp is the type of guy who realizes what he has, just a guy playing baseball as an American dream and giving back to the fans.


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