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Major League Baseball MLB Logo Theme Piggy Banks

MLB Major League Baseball Forever Collectible Piggy Banks

MLB Major League Baseball Forever Collectible Piggy Banks

Just when piggy banks could not get any more cute Forever Collectibles develops a new kind of Piggy Bank of each of your favorite MLB Baseball Team in a thematic experience. Each one is made of resin and unlike most piggy banks these are each developed in its own mold.

No longer will you need to buy an MLB Baseball piggy bank that is all the same expect for a little color and a logo. Forever Collectibles personalizes each piggy bank to mirror its own attitude and a great look that will always remind you of your favorite baseball team to collect your change.

There are 2 sized for the thematic piggy banks the larger ones are 6 inches around and the smaller ones are 4 inches around, but we suggest that with a piggy bank bigger is always better since the bigger it is the more people see it and also the longer you will save plus the more you will save before the whole thing is completely full.

By the way did you know that the word Piggy Bank has nothing to do with pigs at all, in fact back in the 15th century people didn’t have much in regular owned banks or a way to keep their money safe so a lot of the plates and bowls were made out of a clay called Pygg Clay, and with this clay they would make hard to open jars called Pygg Banks. now dial forward couple hundred years and now we call them Piggy Banks because of the originally Pygg word. Plus in some cultures the pig symbolizes good luck or wealth, and it is also associated with greed.

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  1. Shona Summers /

    I am looking for MLB Themed Piggy Banks for San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Angels. Can you help.

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