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Major League Baseball MLB BBQ Utensil Tool Sets

MLB Major League Baseball BBQ Tools Sets

MLB Major League Baseball BBQ Tools Sets

Siskiyou MLB Major League Baseball BBQ Tool Sets are the highest quality of BBQ utensils that you can use on a grill and the best part is you can enjoy cooking out doors with your favorite professional baseball team. The love and care they put into each set is unmatched by any other company who produces MLB BBQ Utensils.

Each set come with 8 pieces and a huge Aluminum carrying case with a custom inside that holds all of your BBQ tools in place. The carrying case is made of aluminum and a stainless steel sturdy handle. The 8 piece kits includes a spatula with a knife edge, a grill fork to turn your meat, tongs for miscellaneous grilled foods that need more touch, basting brush to glaze your ribs, and 4 skewers. Each tool is approximately 19 inches long.


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    I would to order an oriels grill set

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