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Major League Baseball MLB Auto Hitch Covers

MLB Major League Baseball Hitch Covers

MLB Major League Baseball Hitch Covers

The Siskiyou Merchandise company has developed a Major League Baseball MLB Hitch covers for all types of automobiles, cars, trucks, suv’s, and other types of gas guzzling transportation. Any vehicles that has a hitch can now be blinged out with an Major League Baseball logo hitch cover that is made of completely heavy metal and each one comes with a bottle opener that will help you open that next drink at your tailgating party or home party.

Each MLB Truck Hitch Cover fits any class III 3 hitch receivers so anyone you cut off or is driving behind you will know who your baseball team pride belongs to.

Each MLB Hitch Cover is finely carved to extreme 3-D detail and painted with a hand enamel finish.

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