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Baby Fanatic MLB Major League Baseball Baby Supplies

Baby Fanatic MLB Baseball Baby Merchandise

Baby Fanatic MLB Baseball Baby Merchandise

Baby Fanatic is the leading manufacturer of all MLB Major League Baseball baby accessories. They sell MLB Baby Pacifiers, MLB Baby Pacifiers, MLB Baby bibs, and even MLB Baby gift sets with all of the above. You can now influence your children at a young age by giving them the gift of forcing your crazy Pro Baseball fandom right into their regular tools of being a baby.

Baby Fanatics is an official licensed manufacturer of all their Pro MLB baseball products and have full use of the actual MLB logos that are placed on their products. If your MLB baby product is not from Baby Fanatic then it might not be official.

The different sets that Baby Fanatic has are:

MLB Baby Bottles –  They come in a pack of two and features silicone nipples for gum and tooth care and easy drink-ability. On the side it features a measuring scale to mix formulas and juices correctly. Your favorite team logo and colors right on each bottle for pure pro baseball view. each bottle is tested for safety and durability and are BPA and Phthalate free.

MLB Baby Pacifiers –  These also come in a pack of 2 and have the pull out handle with the MLB baseball logo in large view. These orthodontic pacifiers feature a silicone nipple with a plastic shield and grasping hook. And each pacifier have been quality and safety tested to be 100% BPA and Phthalate free.

MLB Baby Gift set – Comes with one bottle, one pacifier, and one baby bib. Beautifully decorated and colored to match your favorite pro baseball team.

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