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Akadema Womens Fast Pitch Softball Gloves

Akadema Softball Fast Pitch Mitt Gloves

Akadema Softball Fast Pitch Mitt Gloves

Who ever said women can not play baseball never watched a College Softball game, the game has gotten fierce and now women have reached a whole new level of competition. Akadema has developed a woman’s softball glove that are designed as strong, comfortable, and are as durable for softball as they were for baseball.

For example the¬†Akadema 12.5in Left Hand Throw (Reptilian Design Series) Womens Fastpitch Softball Glove has a¬†Reptilian pattern B-hive web Akadema Pro’s Grasp-Clasp Wrist System and a deep pocket designed for the fastpitch infielder. Designed by and game day glove of Julie Smith 1996 Team USA second baseman and Olympic gold medalist. The ATS-77(Team Smith) Reptilian was designed for a lady or girl’s hand providing small and thin fingerstalls easy break-in and a shorter distance between thumb and index finger allowing the glove to be more manageable. AkademaLyte leather used on the back of glove allows for lighter and more manageable feel. 12.25″ pattern ideal for quick glove to hand transfer while not sacrificing the ability to make the backhand play in the hole. Hand-crafted with Akadema’s exclusive US Steerhide and Akadema 1/4″ Rawhide black lacing.

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